The Right of the Subjects

The Right of the Subjects

Evanna Bailie is not interested in politics. She leaves the fight for women’s suffrage to her mother and sister – at least until she meets the clever, scrappy women of the WSPU. Life as a suffragette can offer her excitement, camaraderie, travel – all the things that her mill town life is lacking, and Evanna is swiftly sucked into the vortex of the campaign for Votes for Women.

Yet as Evanna’s new life leads her into adventure, it also catapults her into danger. As she learns to appreciate the finer things in life in the company of the society ladies who populate the WSPU, she must also learn to endure censure, jail time and mounting violence as the tide of public opinion turns against the suffragettes.

A rich blend of fact and fiction by Jude Starling.

Included bonus material:
The Feminine Bourgeoisie and the Feminine Proletariat: The Fight for the Vote
Not Women of Milk and Water: The Suffragettes Behind the Story
She Ought to be at School: Deleted Material – Dora Thewlis
Tracing the Path of the Suffragettes: Some of The Right of the Subjects‘ More Obscure Place Names and Landmarks

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ISBN (paperback): 9781492743071
ASIN (Kindle edition): B00IJHQRMQ
Damask Rose Press 2014
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