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Which Pankhurst Are You? A quiz and another competition

Which Pankhurst are you? That’s the theme of my lighthearted, just-for-fun quiz over at Madame Guillotine today, in which I try to imagine Emmeline Pankhurst and her three daughters in the context of modern political activism, and relate their personalities and approaches to the internet generation. According to my own results, I’m most like the youngest daughter Adela:

Adela Pankhurst

Adela Pankhurst c. 1909 in the Blaythwayt arboretum, where suffragettes who had endured prison sentences planted trees to commemorate their experiences.

Head on over to find out your own results; tweet them if you like, using the hashtag #WhichPankhurstAreYou, and don’t forget to enter the contest!


Stationery talk

I have a bit of an obsession with stationery. I think this is fairly common among writers; even in the age of computers, something about a nice notebook seems to exert a strange power over many of us, and indeed I’ve imposed a moratorium on buying new notebooks until I’ve used up some of the ones I have. But the most important piece of stationery in my life – given how I have to juggle writing with editing work and all the admin that goes with self-employment, plus personal stuff – is my Filofax, and so here I am on Philofaxy talking about my minor obsession.

Goldcord Asylum blog tour day 7: second of two interviews

Goldcord Asylum

Today the Goldcord Asylum blog tour rounds off with an interview on the blog of Tara Hanks – thanks Tara!

It’s been a very busy and enjoyable week. I’ve shared my thoughts on a variety of subjects (and hopefully entertained and informed in the process!); I’ve given away a number of gifts and had some wonderful feedback on my book. With the help of my lovely hosts I’ve given Goldcord the best launch into the world that I possibly could, and it doesn’t stop here – I still have a few more goodies for you yet to come (such as a guest post featuring a historian‘s view of historical fiction), and I’ll share more news about Goldcord Asylum and my next book The Right of the Subjects (due for release on 6th January 2014) as it emerges.

Thank you all for reading, and watch this space!

Goldcord Asylum blog tour day 3: win a book!

Today’s Goldcord Asylum tour giveaway takes place on Goodreads, with a copy of the book complete with a signed pharmacy label up for grabs. Go and check it out, and remember that there’s a copy to be won at Madame Guillotine too, as well as one coming up on For Books’ Sake!

Goldcord Asylum blog tour day 2: Victorian asylums and a book giveaway!

Today’s guest post for the Goldcord Asylum blog tour is hosted by Melanie Clegg on her fabulous art-and-history blog Madame Guillotine, and is dedicated to the strange world of the mid-Victorian ‘lunatic asylum’. There’s a book to be won as well, complete with a signed vintage pharmacy label! Thanks to Melanie for letting me borrow her lovely audience for the day.

In other news, Goldcord has just been approved for the Smashwords premium catalogue which means that it will soon be available in some more ebook stores including Kobo, iBooks and Nook – more information once I have it!