Which Pankhurst Are You? A quiz and another competition

by Jude Starling

Which Pankhurst are you? That’s the theme of my lighthearted, just-for-fun quiz over at Madame Guillotine today, in which I try to imagine Emmeline Pankhurst and her three daughters in the context of modern political activism, and relate their personalities and approaches to the internet generation. According to my own results, I’m most like the youngest daughter Adela:

Adela Pankhurst

Adela Pankhurst c. 1909 in the Blaythwayt arboretum, where suffragettes who had endured prison sentences planted trees to commemorate their experiences.

Head on over to find out your own results; tweet them if you like, using the hashtag #WhichPankhurstAreYou, and don’t forget to enter the contest!