The Right of the Subjects flyer

by Jude Starling

The Right of the Subjects flyerDuring their years of active campaigning, the suffragettes would often choose the days on which Parliament reconvened after a recess to hold their own Women’s Parliaments and march on Westminster. As such, while I was deciding when to release The Right of the Subjects I thought that a similar date would be an apt choice, and this flyer was based on those handed out by the WSPU in order to promote their demonstrations, although given that I don’t wish to achieve anything other than the bringing of my book to the attentions of those who’ll enjoy it I had to think very carefully about the wording when I was composing it! In the end I sought the advice of a solicitor (thank you again, Claire-Louise!) who confirmed that my flyer can’t legally be taken as evidence of any unlawful intentions, so I’m sharing it now. Please feel free to do likewise if you wish.