Goldcord Asylum blog tour day 7: second of two interviews

by Jude Starling

Goldcord Asylum

Today the Goldcord Asylum blog tour rounds off with an interview on the blog of Tara Hanks – thanks Tara!

It’s been a very busy and enjoyable week. I’ve shared my thoughts on a variety of subjects (and hopefully entertained and informed in the process!); I’ve given away a number of gifts and had some wonderful feedback on my book. With the help of my lovely hosts I’ve given Goldcord the best launch into the world that I possibly could, and it doesn’t stop here – I still have a few more goodies for you yet to come (such as a guest post featuring a historian‘s view of historical fiction), and I’ll share more news about Goldcord Asylum and my next book The Right of the Subjects (due for release on 6th January 2014) as it emerges.

Thank you all for reading, and watch this space!