Goldcord Asylum: the internet tour

by Jude Starling

To celebrate Goldcord Asylum‘s official release next week, I’ll be touring some relevant blogs, groups and websites with an assortment of goodies including guest posts, interviews and signed copies to be won. The tour will run as follows:

Monday 1st July: guest post on Rudy Simone’s blog.
Tuesday 2nd July: guest post on Madame Guillotine, with a paperback copy complete with signed vintage pharmacy label to be won.
Wednesday 3rd July: Book and signed label to be won on Goodreads.
Thursday 4th July: A double header: review at For Books’ Sake with a book and signed label to be won, plus a guest post on Nik Perring’s blog.
Friday 5th July: ‘Secret gig’/members-only post at the One in 500 – women on the autistic spectrum Facebook group, plus signed bookplates for the first ten people to email me.
Saturday 6th July: Interview on Laura Wilkinson’s blog.
Sunday 7th July: Interview on Tara Hanks’ blog.

I’ll share links to the events as they happen – watch this space!